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Builders Clean

We Offer The Complete Package

The Cleaning Fairy & Co have perfected the art of the builders cleaning. This has been done through years of servicing the construction industry, listening to your needs, and adapting our skill set. We have experience working with large construction companies, custom home & boutique builders, architects, luxury commercial builders and developers.

Residential Projects
  • Custom Homes

  • Extensions

  • Renovations

  • Developments

  • Display Homes

Commercial Projects
  • Schools & Universities

  • Offices & Fitouts

  • Medical Facilities

  • Mixed Use Buildings

  • Apartment Buildings

  • New Builds

  • Site & Amenities Cleans


A site clean up. Often used when bringing the client onto site during the building process. Includes picking up rubbish, removal of protective coverings, sweep/vacuum and general tidying of the surrounding site.

pre -silicone clean

A tidy of any wet areas, bathrooms and kitchen. Often used by premium builders who want to ensure a clean run for their caulking contractor. Although not the most cost effective service, it does yield the best results by minimising the risk of contaminating the silicone once applied.

builders clean

 A complete clean of your completed project. For the most part this involves removing all dust and deep thorough cleaning kitchens, bathrooms, utilities area, bedrooms, joinery, floors, walls, skirtings, windows and window frames. Removing any stickers, cellophane etc.. 

final clean

A quick tidy after defects. After the builders clean it is common for some minor defects to be rectified, causing small amounts of mess/dust around the project. A final clean is the only way to ensure the project is perfect for the client handover.

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